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Assume the following facts: You represent the buyer in a real estate contract. You have sued for breach of contract and fraud, and have sought damages as well as rescission. During the lawsuit your client's property is foreclosed. How does the foreclosure affect the damage formula?

  1. In the left frame where it says Search Cases, click on Keyword Search.
  2. A new screen will appear.
  3. Place the cursor in the "Keyword " box. Type the following words in the box (each word should be separated by a space): rescission damages foreclosure.
  4. All databases are selected by default.
  5. If you would like to search all three databases, leave Select Database(s) as is. The 2d Series, 3d Series Cases, 4th Series Cases and Daily Opinions will remain highlighted and will be searched.
  6. If you would like to search only one database, click on the database you want to search. Select only 4th Series Cases. This database will remain highlighted.
  7. Once you have typed your search and selected the database, click "Find it! Or, hit Enter.
  8. A new screen with the Search Results for the 4th Series Cases will appear.
  9. Below the Search Results are the Hits.
  10. A Hit is the number of times your search, rescission damages foreclosure, appears in a paragraph. Hits are not cases.
  11. For the 4th Series Cases there are 3 Hits.
  12. Below the box is a Results Map. The Results Map shows the number of Hits with each combination of words. A review of the Results Map will show you where you might want to change your search.
  13. To see the results of your search, click on Click Here to View Results.
  14. To view 4th Series Cases, click on Click Here to View Results.
  15. The results of your search will appear in two frames. On the left is a Table of Contents with a list of cases containing your search.
  16. In the right frame is the full case of the first case listed in the Table of Contents.
  17. To view the case in full screen, click on the Document icon in the bottom frame.
  18. To view the Table of Contents in full screen, click on the Table icon in the bottom frame.
  19. The most recent California Supreme Court cases will appear first followed by California Courts of Appeal cases.
  20. If you are reading a case and come across a California case that you want to view, place your cursor directly on the citation of this case. Click the cursor and you will go directly to the case cited. This is a hypertext jump. To return to the original case simply place the cursor on the Back arrow on your browser's toolbar, and you will return to your original case. [Note: This option works only for California cases and U.S. Supreme Court cases.]
  21. For printing instructions, click here.
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