Code Searching in the Case Database

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If you are searching in the codes and are unable to locate a code section that discusses your topic, try searching the case database.

For example, Civil Code section 3333.2 discusses the limit on noneconomic damages in malpractice actions. However, if you search for the phrase: noneconomic damages malpractice in the codes, you will get 0 hits.
  1. Click on Advanced Search under Search Cases.
  2. Type the same search terms in the Keywords in Paragraph box.
  3. Type the word code in Keywords in Full Text box. This will look for cases that discuss those search terms as well as a code section.
  4. Click on "Find It!"

  5. A new screen with your Search Results will appear.
  6. To see the results of your search, click on Click Here to View Results.
  7. Click on the database that you want. For instance, 4th Series.
  8. A table of cases showing your search will appear in the left frame.
  9. The corresponding case will appear in the right frame.

  10. To view the list of cases in the left frame in full click on Contents.
  11. To view the case in the right frame in full click on Document.
  12. For printing instructions, click here.
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