Annotating Code Sections: Codes in Cases

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JuriSearch® allows you to annotate the code electronically. For example, suppose you want to annotate Civil Code 1717.

  1. From the home page, click on Codes in Cases or, from the Search Menu page, click on Codes in Cases under Search Codes.
  2. Under Select Code, select Civil Code from the drop down menu.
  3. Type the section number 1717 in the Section box.
  4. If there are other keywords that you wish to include in the search, type them in the keyword box. To simply annotate the code section, leave this area blank.
  5. Click on Find It.
  6. The Search Results page will display the number of hits in each series. Click on Click Here to View Results for the series you with to view.
  7. The results of your search will appear in two frames. In the left is a Table with a list of cases that cite to your code section. In the right frame are the full cases.
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Updated January 2000
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