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1. Pull up a case through any search method.

2. On the face of each case there are two buttons. One will say "CheckMate", the other will say "Case History".

3. Click the "CheckMate" button. You will go to a page with the name of your case in bold, and any overruling, disapproving, or superseding authority directly underneath it in normal type. Each overruling/disapproving citation will have a link directing you to that case.

4. If there is no overruling/superseding authority, you will return to a screen saying "No overruling or superseding authority".

5. From the CheckMate screen, or from the case itself, you can also access a case history.

6. Click the "Case History" button from either the CheckMate page, or the case itself. You will access up to 1000 citations of your case.

7. The case will be returned in table format organized by series (i.e. 2d, 3d, or 4th). You will be able to read the citation of the case in context to get an idea of how the citing case treated it.

8. Since all cases are of equal "rank" as determined by our search engine, each will return with a rank of "0", which is irrelevant in determining the case history.

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